Efficient and economical solutions for water heating and air conditioning

Wieland Thermal Solutions at Mostra Convegno

From March 13 - 16, "Wieland Thermal Solutions" presented its new products at the Wieland Group stand at this year's Mostra Convengno Expocomfort in Milan. For the first time, Wieland Thermal Solutions presented the proven medium-high finned tubes of the GEWA-D brand made of carbon steel for cost-effective and energy-efficient water heating and solar supply. Solutions for greater efficiency in heat pump systems and a special heat exchanger for boat air conditioning were also exhibited. As a further innovation, highly enhanced titanium tubes were presented that offer maximum reliability in all water qualities and enable significantly higher energy efficiency and a more compact design for shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

With the carbon-steel version of the GEWA-D finned tube, Wieland Thermal Solutions offers an energy-efficient and economical way of optimizing buffer tanks in solar, heat pump or heat recovery applications. Due to the large outer surface of the finned tube, the heat exchanger has a compact design and enables to maximize the energy content of the tank. Furthermore, there are no additional costs for the joining technology, as the customer-specific heat exchangers can be welded directly to the steel tank. The innovative finned tubes made of steel can also be used for other applications where heat has to be transferred cost-effectively, such as for solid-fuel boilers.

Wieland Thermal Solutions recommends direct condensation for efficient water heating in heat pump systems, where the domestic water is heated directly in the hot-water tank by a double-wall safety heat exchanger. Due to the direct contact with the water in the storage tank, the heat exchanger type WRKS operates with smallest temperature differences. Heat losses are avoided. The double-wall finned tube of the WRKS ensures the protection of drinking water against contamination in the event of a damage. The GEWA-safe tubes are based on a double-wall tube system with tiny internal channels to promptly detect leaks. The safety solution thus also corresponds to the drinking water protection according to DIN EN 1717 for heat pump systems.

With the extremely corrosion resistant, lightweight and compact coaxial heat exchanger based on a combination of aluminum and titanium, Wieland Thermal Solutions is launching a product that can withstand most demanding sea water qualities and offers a small installation footprint. The heat exchanger, which can be used for heating and cooling, is individually scalable and reliably withstands high pressures.

Titanium is the most reliable material for aggressive seawater qualities also for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. For the first time, Wieland Thermal Solutions succeeded in developing a complex highly enhanced surface for this material, which significantly increases heat transfer performance. This enables particularly compact and efficient shell-and-tube heat exchangers using titanium tubes. For the design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers, the innovative titanium tubes were integrated into the ThermalS design software, which can be made available to Wieland Thermal Solutions customers free of charge.