High school students

Seeking: inquisitive people with goals

Your application is your ticket to an interview, but it's not the only determining factor in whether you get an apprentice position or a place at the university.

We are looking for inquisitive personalities that are a good fit for our company and are willing to contribute their talents. People who take pleasure in their work and want to create something for the future. If you are tech-savvy and are interested in economics we would love to welcome you into our team!

We take you and your desires, strengths and interests very seriously. Furthermore, we are very interested in supporting you on a professional and personal level. In other words, we offer more than a workplace: A great working environment with friendly colleagues, a good salary, a secure job and many additional benefits . Complete an apprenticeship in one of our training positions in the technological or business administration areas. Alternatively, you can decide on a dual course of study at Wieland – theory and practice together from the outset.

More information is available on the German pages.