You know your theory inside and out – and you want the chance to apply it.

Now that you have graduated, you will finally be able to put your knowledge into practice here with us.

We offer a variety of demanding work and technical challenges.

Benefit from an excellent team and work out innovative solutions in an international work environment. Aside from a secure job, you will receive an attractive compensation package and have access to an individual continuing education program.

  • Your majors

    We are open to graduates with a variety of majors. Maybe your major is among the ones listed:

    • Mechanical engineering, process engineering, mechatronics, production engineering, surface engineering, industrial engineering and management, electrical engineering
    • Materials science and engineering technology
    • Computer science, computer engineering, business information technology, information management, information technology
    • Physics
    • Business management
  • Your work

    Your work as an engineer

    Regardless which part of Wieland needs technical expertise and knowledge: You can always prove what you are capable of by working with us. Whether in plant planning, in research and development, production or product development. Or in technical marketing and sales.

    • Managing or participating in projects domestically or internationally
    • Planning and constructing new, complex production facilities
    • Maintaining safe, technical facilities for the economical and environmentally safe execution of our production processes
    • Being responsible for production processes
    • Developing solutions and new products for our customers
    • Optimally consulting our customers in all technical questions

    Your work as a material scientist

    At our company, you will start working in an inspiring environment comprised of more than 100 employees in research and development. A strong team which is mainly operating in Vöhringen – not far from our foundry.

    • Consulting for our production areas, sales departments and customers
    • New development and enhancement of materials, semi-finished products, surfaces, special products and production processes
    • Ensuring ongoing quality assurance for our products.
    • Developing new alloys for innovative applications of copper
    • Aligning with customer requirements, current technological trends and future market requirements

    Your work in IT

    You are part of an IT team comprised of approximately 130 members in Ulm and Vöhringen. From this base, you support all departments in the company. There are also many international projects that we support on site such as in the U.S. or in China.

    • Enhancing and supporting the IT infrastructure of databases, applications and ERP applications
    • Implementing global IT projects on the process and system side as a business consultant, IT account manager, IT project manager, IT systems engineer, organizational consultant, SAP consultant, software developer or system programmer

    We also look for talent in other areas, such as in Human Resources or Controlling.

  • What we offer

    We ask for a lot, but we also have a lot to offer. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable in our company and your workplace at Wieland.

    • Exciting and diverse tasks
    • Demanding, future-oriented projects focused on quality assurance, production control, process consulting and process optimization
    • Space for new ideas
    • Work on advanced technologies
    • Excellent teams with unique expertise in copper, alloys, casting and forming processes, production processes and IT infrastructure
    • International work environment
    • Many different continuing education and development options
    • Extensive benefits and options
    • Attractive locations in regions with good transportation connections

    Interesting aspects for material scientists:

    • Accredited testing and certification lab with a spectrometer lab, a chemical analytical lab, a metallographic and additional labs (daily approx. 2,000 test results)
    • Various test fields (rebuilding of parts from the foundry and other production plants on a smaller scale) e.g., for testing new materials under real conditions
    • Several patent applications per year

    Interesting aspects for IT specialists:

    • Modern data processing center
    • High performance, highly integrated and globally standardized IT architecture
    • Specialized and user-customized IT solutions
    • Broad spectrum of system environments (incl. SAP R/3-RM, SAP R/3-MM/PM/CS, JEE with Java), C++, Oracle, MS Office)

Our selection process

  • We will send an email confirmation after we receive your application.
  • Your application will be carefully screened. Please note that this process takes some time.
  • If your application gets short-listed, we will invite you for an interview.
  • You are not from the region? Naturally, we will take care of your travel arrangements and make a hotel reservation, if required.
  • Should you proceed to the next selection round, we will invite you to another interview or trial day, if necessary.
  • If we decide to hire you, you will receive an appointment for an employment check up with our company MD.
  • Once this is done, you will receive your employment contract.
  • We will be happy to help with your apartment search and move so you can get settled in quickly.

Questions? We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to call us. See you @ Wieland!

    Lina Diaz

  • Tel.: +49 (0)731 944-3002
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