Good money for good work

For your dedication every single day. And a share in the success

Our compensation model is designed to recognize your performance and to motivate you further. Moreover, you participate in the company results. This way, we secure the jobs at Wieland together.

Your monthly salaries as employee covered by collective agreement are calculated as follows:

  • The employees’ basic earnings fall into the Wieland payroll’s grouping (WEG). This classification system is used for all employees.
  • Personal performance bonus is directly related to the employee’s performance. The basis for this is the employee appraisal, which is a requirement for all permanent staff and is carried out at least once annually by line managers.
  • Performance component is paid to employees who receive a performance-related pay (premium pay). It is based on the achievement of identified targets.
  • Profit sharing consists of a monthly and an annual component. The monthly lump sum is based on the respective remuneration group (WEG) and is a minimum profit-sharing. The annual one-off payment depends on the company's success and is calculated on the basis of the results of ordinary activities of the Wieland Group.