Exciting work and technology

For natural inventors. And for all those with creative ideas.

We specialize in developing and providing copper-based economically successful solutions. To achieve this, we are seeking engineers, material scientists, IT experts and specialized personnel . We are looking for motivated, tech-savvy people who want to keep our company on track for continued success.

If this is you – then you will find challenging work, international projects and exceptional colleagues, who will help you make a difference at our company.


Copper is our passion. We have been crafting exceptional solutions out of semi-precious metal for decades. Our technological expertise, our wide range of ideas, and our customer focus have continually produced cutting-edge material developments and innovative copper alloys – all from our in-house foundry.


Companies from all over the world benefit from our innovations. We design new materials, products and processes and enhance existing ones. During this process, we focus on current customer needs and major global trends, such as sustainability, energy efficiency and electric mobility, which we then use to develop future-oriented solutions for our global industrial customers.


Whether it is strip, sheet metal, rods, wires, profiles, tubes or sliding elements: We offer the entire range of standard manufacturing and machining processes. Furthermore, we produce assemblies based on individual customer requirements. Thanks to our quality management, we have attained ISO 9001 certification as well as ISO/TS 16949 certification – the high automotive standard.

Exciting work and projects

We develop solutions that make everybody's lives quite a bit easier, healthier and more convenient, such as anti-microbial copper in the fight against pathogens; or innovative developments to achieve electric mobility; or copper-based technologies for foodstuff cooling chains.

During the manufacturing process, we put a great deal of emphasis on resource stewardship and environmental protection. We are more than happy to seek out unique solutions for our customers. Such customer requests also have a positive impact on our development by stimulating us to expand our knowledge and think outside the box – and come up with the right answer even to highly complex challenges.

We are certain that we will be able to provide many interesting activities and projects with all things in copper for such a tech-savvy people . See you @ Wieland!