Professional and personal development

Advancing on all levels

The knowledge and expertise of our employees is the basis of our success. For this reason, we intend to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. It is fun to continue to progress, particularly with our popular and diverse qualification offers. Together we work on customized solutions for you, to enable you to optimally master challenging work and to periodically improve yourself on a professional and personal level.

  • Our comprehensive qualification program

    Selective qualification

    Remain up to date in science and technology and determine together with your manager which continuing education courses or programs you should participate in. We provide a diverse selection, from technical seminars to conferences, presentations and classes.

    Wieland Training

    Select from our program with around 100 lectures, courses and classes from PC skills training sessions, presentations on technology/production at Wieland, and contributions on personal development, to classes on how to carve with a power saw and driver's safety training. This offer also extends to all family members and students working at Wieland.

  • Our customized development programs

    Our key technical and management positions are usually filled from within. To ensure that you are prepared for the respective tasks, we provide customized development programs:

    Talent management

    We prepare you for achieving your professional goals. Your manager will speak with you about your expertise, interests and development potential. We have high expectations of you in line with your strengths and actively encourage your advancement with targeted training measures:

    • Personal development (e.g. self-management, resilience, rhetoric, self-reflection)
    • Teamwork (e.g. virtual cooperation, conflict management)
    • Company and organization (e.g. entrepreneurial and management thinking and actions, supporting change processes, lean management)

    You will also take on project or international work and get acquainted with new, interdivisional work and expand your network here at Wieland.

    Management training

    Our leadership principles are to be incorporated into daily work and practiced.

    Leadership principles

    • Results orientation
    • Commitment and consistency
    • Trust and openness

    We provide support with the following programs:

    Entry program "Taking the Lead"

    • Management basics
    • The training is held in intervals. On-site modules alternate with the transfer of the learned material in the current work / management environment. This helps to implement and apply the acquired theoretical expertise in the daily work process.

    Management workshops

    The focus is on incorporating our leadership principles into daily work. To successfully put them into practice, we want to strengthen leadership, share knowledge and enable networking.

    The annual meetings are held on two days in a relaxed atmosphere, away from daily business. This allows for an intensive exchange of experiences as well as discussions – along with our Executive Board and Executive Committee.

    Specific training

    • Qualification for purchasing and sales
    • Intercultural training / foreign languages
    • Occupational health and safety training
    • Quality management

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