Work-life balance

Whether you're single or have a family – we help you reach the balance

We believe in autonomous work and trust that every employee gives their best effort. But we also know: People can only achieve performance if they also have a life outside of work. Knowing that their children are well cared for, having time for friends, family and hobbies. This is why we support our employees in various ways:

For parents with children

  • Child care during school holidays for children of employees with a wide variety of exciting activities
  • Information about emergency care and babysitting services
  • Reserved spots in nursery schools for the youngest additions to the “Wieland family” in Ulm and Vöhringen
  • Parent seminars on education and nutritional matters
  • Support when coming back to work after having a child, e.g., by working part-time
  • Participation in a continuing education program during parental leave
  • Christmas presents for all employee children up to the age of 16

For more free time and less household chores

  • Ironing service (at the Ulm plant)
  • Healthy, nutritional take-home meals from our canteens
  • Free Internet access for personal use in our Internet cafés in Ulm, Villingen and Langenberg
  • Exercise and relaxation classes and many more options as part of our health program