Your health matters

For all our dedicated team members whose health is important to them.

The business world changes with globalization, new technologies and a longer working life. At Wieland, you are not only confronted with mentally challenging activities, but also physically challenging shift-work. Our goal is to keep you motivated and healthy . Therefore, we support you:

With respect to exercise, relaxation and nutrition

  • Healthy food in our canteen – also available for take-out
  • Nutrition consultation provided by the company health insurance
  • Vitality program with different activities each month focused on exercise, relaxation and nutrition
  • Discounted gym memberships at all German company locations
  • Vitality workshop – individual and holistic training with personal trainers (10 minutes a week, during working hours)
  • Wieland sports groups organized by and for our colleagues
  • Individual and group training with personal trainers (45 minutes)
  • Sports program for our trainees (exercise, nutrition, relaxation, mental health, ergonomics and addiction prevention)
  • Relaxation courses provided by our company health insurance

Our special offers

  • Health check-ups, screenings and vaccinations by our company MDs as well as in-house medical care for ill/injured colleagues
  • Physical therapy on site
  • Measures for the early detection and prevention of mental illnesses (workshops, trainings, psychosomatic consultation)
  • Measures for addiction prevention and help for people at risk and suffering from addictions through our addiction support group
  • Premium week for long-term employees
  • Beginner’s program for night-shift employees who have worked more than two years on night shift
  • Bonus model for night-shift employees providing an "active week" in selected resorts

Capitalize on our wide range of health promotion activities!