Flexible working arrangements

For all those who have plans. And need time to see them through.

Our employees appreciate our flexible working arrangements. With varying time accounts, you will be able to align your individual plans with our operational requirements:

Our flexible working arrangements

As a full-time employee at Wieland your regular work week is 37 hours (plus breaks). Any additional hours worked are credited to the "flex account" and can be used later as time off.

In addition, we offer various other working arrangements allowing the optimum work-life balance such as part-time work and job sharing.

Wieland – Work time value account

With the Wieland work-time value account you accrue future credit by converting work time into money and transferring part of the gross salary.

This enables you temporarily reduce all or some of your work time in alignment with company needs. You can use this time, for example, for building a house, taking an extended trip or continuing education: These time periods are financed with the credits from your work-time value account. You can set your salary so that you earn 70 - 100% of your normal salary during these times of reduced working hours.

Another option is to retire earlier. In this case, you will continue to be paid during the early retirement period since you have already performed the required work and credited your work-time value account.