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Motivated people with excellent qualifications want more than a job offer. Wieland offers a whole new future based around the captivating metal copper. Exciting technology, varied activities at home and abroad and fantastic possibilities for your life balance are all part of the package. Of course we work with you to assure your personal and career development.

Bring yourself and your skills to us. Join a strong team.

Entstehung Entstehung
Launch year 1820
P. J. Wieland kicks off our success story
Launch year 1820
P. J. Wieland kicks off our success story
Nearly two centuries ago, Philipp Jakob Wieland took over his uncle’s fine art business and bell foundry. This marked the launch of a success story which has led to the present-day Wieland Group. Hear for yourself how our launch rang out, and how famous bells tell our story:
  • Ulmer Münster*
  • Big Ben
  • Notre-Dame, Paris
* Source: Münsterbauamt Ulm
Copper is everywhere nowadays.
So is Wieland

Semi-finished products in copper and copper alloys are our present and our future. They include strips, sheets, tubes, rods, wire and profiles. Wieland also manufactures ribbed tubes and heat exchangers, sliding bearings, system parts and components. We rank among the world’s leading specialists in these products.

And we’re constantly adding innovative solutions to our range. The ultra-modern, networked life of today would be inconceivable without copper. Join our group of companies and do your bit to keep the world working on copper.

Six industries.
One innovative partner.
  • Automotive Industry
    No car runs without copper. Wieland products ensure efficient power distribution and the reliable operation of the engines and brakes in cars and trucks.
  • Electric mobility
    The developments in electromobility over recent years have been truly amazing and are advancing ever faster and further. We aim to push ahead these innovations even further and, with our product solutions endeavour to help make the electric vehicle a success.
  • Electronic and electrical engineering
    Thanks to its outstanding electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and malleability, copper is indispensable for the electronics and electrical engineering industry. We supply products such as strips and wires for applications in information technology and telecommunications and for automotive electronics.
  • Refrigeration & air conditioning
    Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and our ability to constantly explore new paths in heating and forming technology, we give our customers a competitive edge in the form of efficient solutions.
  • Construction & installation
    The long-lasting and recyclable material copper plays a fundamental role in the construction and installation industry. From housing technology to solar technology through to façade design, with our high-grade copper materials and our wealth of experience we can cater to a broad spectrum of requirements.
  • Machinery & plant technology
    We produce products for various applications encountered in mechanical engineering, e.g. for the generation of renewable energy, heat transfer in petro chemistry and for construction and agricultural machinery.
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The world needs copper expertise.
We supply answers - everywhere

More than 60 sites give us a presence in over 30 countries. Our clients round the world need expertise in copper, and our subsidiaries supply it to them.

Ultimately copper alloys play a decisive role, everywhere in the world: from smartphones to cars, door locks to underfloor heating, air conditioning systems to wind turbines.

Discover more about our sites in Germany here.

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